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The East Maryland Animal Hospital team

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Amanda Bierhaus - Customer Service Representative

Amanda is one of our Client Service Specialists. She began working at East Maryland in July 2015. She has been working in animal hospitals since 2006. Amanda is currently enrolled in school, working toward receiving her Veterinary Assistant certificate. She lives with her significant other, Tony, and her two cats, Hailey and Chloe. Some of Amanda’s hobbies include arts and crafts, reading comic books, and playing board and card games.


Devin Gibson - Customer Service Representative

Devin is one of our Client Service Specialists. She began working at East Maryland in July 2018. She is new to the veterinary field and loving learning all about it and getting to interact with all the different fur babies that come in! She is enrolled in school as a full time student. She has two cats at home, Mariah and Opie. She loves traveling, crafting and Target. Devin is very family oriented and spends a lot of time with her family. She also loves going to sporting events and concerts with friends. She is excited to learn about and spend more time in the veterinary field!


Toni Kastilahn - Customer Service Representative

Antonia is an Arizona-native who currently resides in Tempe, Arizona. She has always been very passionate about animals, holding a specific interest in exotic felines/zoological species. She attended the University of Arizona for one year to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation before traveling and living abroad. She previously had a golden retriever named Coconut who sadly passed away in the summer of 2018, but her basenji-mix named Taz lives with her mom. In her free time, Antonia loves to create artwork, travel, practice yoga, and try new coffee shops.


Brittany Atkinson - Veterinary Technician

Prior to becoming a veterinary technician, Brittany earned a degree in Anthropology with a minor in Biology from Northern Arizona University. During her undergraduate years, she interned at Chimp Haven in Shreveport, Louisiana, working with chimpanzees that have been retired from medical research. This work required her to quickly learn how to read chimpanzee body language, decipher the meaning of different vocalizations, and in turn reciprocate communication effectively. Brittany has been working as a veterinary technician for nearly eight years. She is currently in school working toward her associate’s degree and certification in veterinary technology, and will complete her coursework at the end of 2018, at which point she will begin working toward her VTS in behavior.

Brittany’s passion for behavior was catalyzed seven years ago with the adoption of her dog Gru. Gru came to Brittany at twelve weeks old with both of his left legs broken after having been attacked on multiple occasions by another dog. The emotional scars of those traumas, in addition to his physical inability to be well socialized as a puppy left Gru lacking in the important life skills he would need to confidently live in the world around him. When it became obvious that he needed more than just basic obedience training and exposure to other people, animals, and environments, Brittany sought the help of Dr. Gail Stevenson at Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson who had a special interest in behavioral medicine. Dr. Stevenson continued to mentor Brittany long after Gru ceased to be her patient. Prior to Dr. Stevenson's retirement in December of 2015, Brittany dedicated several months to shadowing her practice.

In addition to spearheading her own behavior consulting program at her previous practice in Sierra Vista, Brittany has been a member of the Society for Veterinary Behavior Technicians and has attended the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference annually since 2014. She currently serves on the Sponsorship Committee for the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference.


Cindy Ross, CVPM - Hospital Manager

Cindy joined East Maryland Animal Hospital late 2017, bringing with her 22 years of experience in veterinary finance and administration. Cindy’s love for animals has led her to live a vegan lifestyle and enjoys cooking vegan dishes using organic non-GMO ingredients. She has lived in Arizona since 1978 and currently resides in Glendale, AZ with her husband and 3 furry babies, Bobo (Pitbull), Jaxie (Pitbull), and Bailey (Shar Pei mix).


Guisela Marroquin - Kennel/Technician Assistant

Guisela, has been working in the veterinary field since 2014. She joined East Maryland in March 2016 as Kennel tech. She has graduated from Anthem College with her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology. She will be attending Arizona State University this spring 2017 to finish her bachelor’s degree in biology science (Animal Neurobiology, behavior & physiology). In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends and currently doing an internship at Arizona Animal Welfare League as Animal Keeper for their exotic animal ambassadors. She is a fur mommy of 5 dogs, Sissi & Rockstar both mixed Chihuahuas; Blanca & Nene are both mixed shar-pei and Black also a mixed breed.


Juliana Mahaffey - Lead Customer Service Representative

Juliana is one of our great receptionists here at East Maryland. She has worked in veterinary medicine since 2012 and has loved working in cat rescue since she was 16. She has many beloved cats at home, along with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Abby. She loves meeting new people that love their pets as much as she does!


Keith Rhodes - Kennel Supervisor/Technician Assistant

Keith has been our loyal boarding supervisor since 2005 at East Maryland. He is our Mr. Fix-It as well and can always be counted on to help us keep the hospital running smoothly! He has 8 Miniature Pinschers! He is a snake enthusiast and a great snake breeder.