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Internet Pharmacy Policy

The FDA recently released a "Buyer Beware" statement concerning the safety and integrity of purchasing pet medications from internet pharmacies. Due to the lack of assurance of the quality and authenticity of the products sold by internet pharmacies, we do not recommend that you obtain your pet's medications from any other source than those known to us as having high quality, authentic medications.

We know that manufacturers of the Heartworm preventatives and Flea and Tick preventatives as well as many other medications we commonly prescribe for your pets, do not sell their products directly to these pharmacies and that the methods by which they are obtained are unethical and in some instances illegal. Our drug manufacturers have assured us that they do not sell their medications directly to internet pharmacies, only to licensed veterinarians.

We want to be sure that your pet gets exactly the medications we prescribe and that they are handled correctly. Your pet's health is our first concern. While we understand that saving money is a high priority in these troubled economic times, we have found that the "SAVINGS" from buying these products from sources we advise against, are FAR OUTWEIGHED by the EXTREME COSTS of the problems caused by using products which are not effective due to being counterfeit, outdated, improperly stored, improperly labeled, etc.

We will be happy to call your prescription in to a licensed pharmacy, fill the prescription from our in-house pharmacy, or write you a prescription to be filled by a licensed veterinary clinic which we know to carry and properly handle your pet's medications. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to fax prescriptions, since it has come to our attention that there have been cases of fraud with faxed prescriptions. It's not about the money. To us, it's all about the welfare of your furry little friend.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any further questions on this matter.

FDA Consumer Update